Local Communities

Biologer Community

In a broad sense, Biologer community includes all users from local Biologer communities, as well as the members of the Project team, Organisations or individuals that supported the project in any way.

Local Biologer Community

Local Biologer community is the core of our platform. Originally Biologer was designed to serve a single local community, but as we grow a need to open some additional communities emerged. Officially there are three local communities listed below. Being official, those communities use Biologer software as is and are listed in all the pages and applications developed through Biologer platform.

Short history

The project started as a small web site collecting biodiversity data in Serbia, to be joined by Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since every short history tends to be long, you can read more about it in a separate page.

Unofficial Communities

Unofficial communities could use our software and adapt it for their needs, but those does not have to be officially listed here or supported through the components of our software (such as within official Android and iOS apps). Currently we have BirdLoger community run by Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia.