We started with Biologer during a project for mapping pond turtles in Serbia. Although BioRaS portal was already collecting biodiversity data from Serbia it was regularly crashing and the software was closed for upgrades. BioRaS was finally abandoned in 2022 and not available online anymore. Furthermore, we wanted to create phone application to collect data directly from the field and this was not possible in any platform available at that moment in Serbia. Thus three of us (Ana, Nenad and Miloš) discussed the idea about making new biodiversity software and Nenad managed to finish the first working version by 2018 and made it available at biologer.org. Note that this original page is redirected to biologer.rs in 2021, hosting Serbian Biologer Community. In this initial phase we received some logistics from Biological Society "Dr Sava Petrović" and Universities of Belgrade and Niš.

In 2019, with Hyla organisation joining our team (with Toni and Ivona), Croatian Biologer Community become available at biologer.hr. Bosnia and Herzegovina was next to follow with BIO.LOG organisation and Dejan making most important preparations for biologer.ba.

A lot of improvement to the web and Android application came with financial support through the project lead by Hyla in 2019. BIO.LOG supported creating iOS application in 2021, with Nikola Popović accepting to develop this software. In the same year Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia forked Biologer and used it as their software for collecting field data. With their help we received additional support for creating this page with unique taxonomic tree (Nikola Vasić taking the development) for all local Biologer communities.

Some additional improvements are expected after 2022 targeting our users. We would like to have better overview of user data, better galleries, maps, etc. and this will be realised just after the taxonomic database is completed.