Biologer Montenegro

A new Biologer community is now running in Montenegro at It has started as Rufford Small Grants project for mapping invasive plant species of Montenegro. Bojana Mijovića and the organisation Parks Dinarides are leading this projct and were very kind to host us in Podgorica for a few days in May! This was s great reunion of our Biologer familly from Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia, where we got a chance to talk about biodiversity, data collection and use, but also to grasp into the new ideas for the future. At the end we even made a small field survey on Lovćen and made our way into the sea!

Parks Dinarides Rufford Small Grants Fundation

So spread the news and join collectind data on biological diversity of Montenegro. And last, but not the least, try to collect as manny data on invasive plants from his country to help Bojana with her PhD.

Introductory lecture  Orchis quadripunctata  Discussion with other local communities

Callophrys rubi  All of us :)  Porodaedalea pini

Species: Orchis quadripunctata, Callophrys rubi and Porodaedalea pini

iOS application is finaly here

Biologer iOS

Nikola Popović just prepared an iOS application for Biologer that is intended for collecting data on biological diversity in the field, in the same manner as our Android application. You can find it on Apple App Store and this hot autumn lets you test it before the brand new filed season. As always, if you find some errors report them on github issues.

What should you expect from the app?

For now this application lets you use your iPhone GPS and camera to collect basic data in the field and upload it to the web server. Note that some setup options are still missing in comparison to Android application, but we hope to incorporate them soon.

Finantial support

Development of iOS application was supported by the Environmental Protection Fund of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina through the project "Biologer – Online database about biodiversity of BiH“, realised by BIO.LOG society.

Welcome to our new web page

Today gets a new suit and a new life. It will continue to live as a backdoor for taxonomy providing support for all local Biologer initiatives. This page will also be used as an agregator database for free biodiversity data from Eastern Europe and as a place where you can track the project progress. After making a single place where all of us biologerists could join, we plan to work on user interface. You can expect improved maps, galleries, ability to discuss your field observation with others and a lot new features.

And all this would not be possible withought financial support from Sweeden, received through the project "Eco network for the future of Serbia". The project was realised by Young Researchers of Serbia in partnersheep with Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia. The resources for our bright new data server was provided by SBB.

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