Project Team

The original Project team was made of a few enthusiasts that decided to run the project Biologer. Project team has the highest authority in the Biologer community. Project team directly decides about further development of Biologer platform. In order to involve new people in the Project team or make changes to the current team, an agreement of the 2/3 of the Project team members must be made. When starting a new official local community, the members of the Project team must name at least two Administrators of the local Biologer platform. The members of the project team are at the same time the representatives of the Organizations that support the work of the platform

Currently, our project team has six members.


Miloš Popović – Coordinator of Biologer platform, Android app developer and author of this web page. Working as research assistant at the Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, University of Niš, interested in conservation biology, butteflies, biodiversity, ecology and modeling. Loves nature, photography, coocking, woodworking and hiking.


Nenad Živanović – Coordinator for software development and developer of Biologer web software. Biologist by education, software developer by profession, mainly focused on web applications.


Ana Golubović – Coordinator from Serbia. Working as assistant professor at the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade.


Ivona Burić – Coordinator of Biologer platform and administrator on Working as a senior expert associate at Association Hyla, Zagreb, Croatia. Project manager and expert for amphibians and reptiles, with an interest in entomology, especially butterflies. Loves mountains, olive trees, gardening, and cooking.


Toni Koren – Coordinator of Biologer platform and administrator on for insects, reptiles and amphibians. Working primarily with Lepidoptera (especially moths) and Odonata, their ecology, distribution, protection and awareness raising. Loves board games, books and field trips.


Dejan Kulijer - Coordinator from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Curator of Entomology at Natural History Department of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.