Join us and help the project

Can you help in development of Biologer software? Would you like to complain about something not working or ask for new features? Or you have some ideas for promoting Biologer, biodiversity and nature conservation?

You are at the right place! Please be patient to read the text bellow so you know how and where to address your question. We get a lot of requests thus we would like to track them at the right place and answer all of your calls. Thus it is important to address your questions correctly.

I have a problem or would like to request a feature

If you have a problem with any Biologer component, feel free to submit an issue in GitHub. Also this is a place where you could request new features and a place we use to organise and prioritise project development. If you would like your voice to be heard by the software team submit an issue, don’t send us individual messages or emails.

I can help in software development

If you are a software developer and would like to help us, there are various tasks to be accomplished and we tend to track them at GitHub Issue pages for each individual Biologer component. However, feel free to contact us in a mailing list for more details since we usually have some important things to be done. You could also help with general design, improvement of the user interface and usability.

For web development you should be familiar with PHP, Laravel and MySQL. You could help us improve main Biologer software or its taxonomic component on the web. Android app is a bit old school and is written in Java, while iOS is standard app written in Swift.

I can translate Biologer to my language

Note that we are exploring Weblate platform for translating project resources, but before this becomes ready we must do some things manually. This means that you need to contact us, get the files for translation and send us back the translated files.

Currently Android and iOS applications could easily be translated using Transifex platform. Just register there and ask to join Biologer localization team.

I would like to use your software

If you would like to open an official Biologer community to collect data in your region, feel free to contact us. You would need a web server with enough disk space and new version of PHP. Our Project team will provide help in setting everything up and your community should be listed on this site and within Android and iOS apps.

If you would like to use Biologer for your own project or initiative it should be easy enough to install and adapt current software tools for your cause. Just make sure that the software stays free and you are good to go.